Monday, August 29, 2011

Calling all Californians - it's time to save some sharks!

Last week, the California State Senate Committee on Appropriations voted (5-2) to pass Assembly Bill (AB) 376 to the Senate floor.

You've all waited patiently (and some of you have helped) as we've battled through the State Assembly, and in the policy and fiscal committees of both Houses. . . . but now we're in our final stretch and VERY MUCH need your help.

The full Senate will be voting on this matter soon, and we need every Californian to contact his/her Senator to urge support for this matter.

California State Capitol in Sacramento

If you're looking for talking points, watch this space; we'll post comprehensive arguments in the next day or so.  These will be useful for anyone desiring to write articles, for those taking interviews on the matter, or anyone who may be meeting with legislative offices for more in-depth discussions.

However, you don't need any of that for this push, and you don't need any of that to help!

Making a difference is easy!  You don't need to know details, and it doesn't take much.

If you are a California resident, take your hands from the keyboard, and pick up the phone.

Step away from the keyboard.  Really.  Signing petitions may feel good (and may certainly help in the beginning stages of legislative efforts), but what really makes a difference is individual and personal contact with your legislator's office.  You may send a letter of support if you feel your position or status is influential, but it's probably simplest just to call.  Just a simple phone call that only takes two minutes.  You can spare two minutes to save sharks and save the ocean, can't you?

Your two minutes can (quite literally) help save millions of sharks!

If you don't already know who your legislative representatives are, you may use this form to look them up.

Simply call and emphasize that, as one of his/her voters, you want him/her to support AB376.

Not sure what to say?   It's simple.   Just follow these suggestions; you won't need to go into great detail when you call.

When you call, an office staff member will answer.

Simply say:
    "I am a member of your district and I urge you to support A.B. 376, the bill to ban shark fins in California." 

That's it!   You've helped!

Now, please pass this page on to other friends who also live in California.

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